About Us – History of Calico Saints Childcare Centre

Calico Saints Child Care – North York is a community based, non-profit Childcare Centre that has been providing service to the community since 1988.

The centre originated as a project of neighbourhood mothers, who felt that there was a demand for childcare in their community.  They developed a plan of action and took advantage of the Ministry of Education’s offer to house childcare centres within its buildings.  After the intensive planning with the School Board and Toronto Children Services the centre opened in December 1988.

The centre started with providing care for preschool (21/2 to 5 years) and school age children (6 to 9 years).  In 1995 the centre negotiated its contract and license with the School Board and Ministry of Education to increase its capacity and include a toddler program.

Calico Saints Childcare is licensed for 104 children in total.  The centre offers care for 15 toddlers, 24 preschool children, 20 before and after kindergarten children and 45 school age children.  There is a nursery program component that is offered to families who would like their child/ren to develop their social skills on a part time basis before entering primary grade.

September 2012 Calico Saints Childcare gave The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) a formal commitment to carry out before and after care for 20 kindergarten children who are attending kindergarten for the full day.


Calico Saints Child Care-North-York provides a unique opportunity for children to develop socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively.  The centre attempts to meet the needs of the children through creating an atmosphere which foster sharing, co-operation and responsibility of property, self and other individuals.

Our program is based on a “learning and socializing through play” focus.  Each child and family’s individuality is recognized as being unique, respected and valued.  Accepting the total child and setting clear and defined goals and limits while allowing for self-expression will help meet each child’s needs.  Our compassionate, safe, caring environment creates a place for children to gain confidence, develop positive self-esteem, and mature emotionally.  We recognize that parents are the most important people in a child’s life, by working with parents to achieve the best care for their child.

Our program is designed to:

  • provide a warm, receptive and stimulating environment
  • encourage the development of a positive self-concept within each child and a positive concept of family and community
  • provide opportunity for the children to develop self-expression, language enrichment and experiences that promote knowledge and understanding of their environment and the world around them
  • provide a safe environment for all children at all times
  • provide opportunities for family involvement and co-operation
  • provide opportunities for the children to learn and play together and to share with others
  • provide opportunities to regularly assess the effectiveness, appropriateness and efficiencies of the program organization, activities and routines.
  • Provide a wide variety of activities throughout the day:  Crafts, indoor and outdoor play, music, stories, and real life field trip experiences.
  • Provide co-ordination between childcare and kindergarten classroom programs at Calico Public School as stated by the Day Nurseries Act/Education in the Primary and Junior Divisions.
  • Provide a program that addresses diverse cultures that examines differences and similarities in our society through an anti-bias approach.
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